The cable car system will relieve Ankara's traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, to ease the transport and traffic density of public transport in the city to help the short and medium-distance public transportation vehicles to some lines of ropeway system will be made. While the issue discussed in the Ordinary Assembly Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality was accepted by majority, the General Directorate of EGO was authorized to establish, install, operate and operate the ropeway system.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council, under the chairmanship of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gokcek, cable car line, Haci Bayram Velii Mosque Project, the Metropolitan Municipality Street and on the streets of 12 meters on the parking lot about the presidential writings were accepted, ASKI, EGO and Metropolitan The plans and budget commission reports of the municipality's 2011 fiscal year final accounts were discussed and resolved.
In the ordinary council meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Presidential article on the cable car line between Siteler-Doğantepe and Etlik (Hospitals) - Akköprü-Gar- Sıhhiye was accepted by a majority vote. Presidential article, Ankara, the population density is increasing day by day, depending on the public transport and traffic troubles, stating that the following views were included:
Olduğ In places where there is a lot of passenger density and where there is a serious level difference, metro construction is costly. In order to help transport and reduce the traffic density in the city, in the short and medium distances of the city, the 5 continent is used in the world, where there are serious elevation differences between the points where construction cost is low, construction is quick, environmentally friendly, silent, no emission is released. As a transportation alternative, the ropeway system is used in urban transportation. In this direction, it is considered that the transportation between Siteler-Doğantepe and Etlik (Hospitals) - Akköprü-Gar- Sıhhiye will be carried out with a ropeway. Bu
Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque Project was also discussed in the Municipal Assembly. According to the presidential letter adopted unanimously, the Hacı Bayram Neighborhood in the city of Altındağ in the province of Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque, which is located within the urban archaeological site, has been prepared within the scope of the architectural engineering service procurement work of the shops, storey car park and environmental arrangement. It was decided that the architectural area projects prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ankara Regeneration Area will be approved by the Regional Board for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.
According to another important decision taken on the last day of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the Metropolitan Municipality of 12 meters on the street and the streets are operated as an open car park by specifying that the residents of the street on the street to be free of charge to park their vehicles to be made to make new arrangements accepted by multiplicity. In the Ordinary Assembly Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality, the reports of the General Directorate of ASKİ, the General Directorate of EGO and the Metropolitan Municipality's 2011 Fiscal Year Final Account were also accepted by the majority of votes.
In the meeting, the Nomination Commission Report on the name of Tandogan Square was accepted unanimously by the AK Party, CHP and MHP despite the opposition of the independent member Hüseyin Günay. In the report, the name ”Nevzat Tandogan Square g was changed as, Tandogan Square an and the square was renamed ı Tandogan Square Rapor.

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