Head of Ankara Metro Akdogan: 200 security, 550 staff said we provide service

Akdoğan stated that all the personnel were subjected to various exams and trainings. The movement never ends. Burada
Hundreds of thousands of people carry the capital in Ankara and the capital's indispensable public transport Metro and Ankaray'da hundreds of employees, during the day on the rails fast and safe while traveling, trains and rails in the evening, maintains the maintenance and cleaning.
Ankara Metro and Ankaray are managed from different centers. At the technology base near the Macunköy Station, storage, maintenance, cleaning and security are provided, many topics are guided, including the movement of trains, control of cameras, coordination of security personnel, announcements, maintenance and cleaning. Rahmi Akdoğan, Head of Ankara Metro, said that the 6 units of the 18 series serve the Capitals and that every movement of these trains are monitored. Hareket We are working on expanding our warehouse with eight maintenance, eight storage and three pass / cleaning lines. The warehouse also has a control center, maintenance cleaning and general maintenance facilities, and an operation and maintenance center building with administrative offices of Ankara Metro. Depo
Security and camera center 3 basic duty, the first of these trains, describing the train movements Akdogan, said: temel Train movements, has a fully automatic system. The movement of the trains between the stations as well as movements in the warehouse is controlled from here. In the warehouse, internal, external cleaning and routine maintenance of the trains and the failures that occur during the journey are eliminated. Depo
Explaining the necessary power distribution to the system with the SCADA system and the exchange of information from the 5 bin point, Akdoğan explained, ler The operation of escalators, elevators, fire cabinets, the status information of the gates of the zones that are not allowed to enter, information about the fire fighting system, tunnel and We can get all of the data such as starting or stopping the station fans from this system. durdurul In addition, the security cameras in the stations with the 259 control of the control of important areas and staff from the center is also provided by the Akdogan expressing, "the so-called external intervention units such as ambulance, police, municipal police and fire brigades in emergency situations, such as the coordination is provided here." .


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