ALSTOM 2011 / 2012 announces year results, orders increase by 14 percent

Alstom 2011 / 12 announced the results of the fiscal year; 1 2011 31 2012 21,7 14 6,6 19,9 7,1 1,406 2010 11 462 732 58 2011 12 914 341 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The most busy period was the fourth trimester with new contracts of XNUMX billion euros. Sales, which showed a remarkable improvement in the last three months, reached XNUMX billion euros, showing a consecutive leap over the fiscal year. In line with the objectives; operating profit amounted to XNUMX million in a margin of% XNUMX. Net profit rose from XNUMX million euros to XNUMX million (+% XNUMX) in the XNUMX / XNUMX business year. The free cash flow improved sharply in the second half of the fiscal year with XNUMX million euros after the XNUMX million Euro cash outflow in the first half of the XNUMX / XNUMX fiscal year.
At the next Annual General Meeting, Alstom will offer a dividend of 29 Euros per share with an increase of% 0.80 compared to last year.
Commenting on the results, Patrick Kron, Alstom President and CEO: “The group demonstrated a very high commercial performance in 2011/12. It reached a significant level with over 1 book-invoice ratio in each quarter of the fiscal year and the highest order rate seen since 2008/09 in Energy (Thermal & Renewable) and Transportation in the fourth quarter. Sales improved throughout the year. In line with the instructions given in 2010, the operating profit margin reached 7,1% for the whole year, thanks to the improvement in the second half. Free cash flow became substantially positive in the second half. Considering our position in four fields of activity, we anticipate that we will maintain our high order levels in the coming days. In the light of these data, we can say that the operating profit margin will gradually reach around 2015% in March 8, and sales will increase more than 5% per year for the next three years. Accordingly, we expect a positive free cash flow for each of the next three years, while remaining focused on generating cash ”.
Orders increased
In the 2011 / 12 fiscal year, Alstom received an 14 billion euros order with an increase of% 21,7 compared to last year. Transport is active in Europe; commercial activity continued at a rate corresponding to about 60 of total orders in developing countries. 31 2012 30 49 XNUMX monthly sales representing the accumulation was XNUMX billion euros.
Alstom, Thermal Power has achieved tremendous success. In particular, in addition to the first nuclear contract in Russia, the 14 gas turbine was ordered in Russia, the Middle East and South East Asia, and several large steam power plants were registered in Malaysia and Right Europe. The Thermal Energy Sector also benefited from the strong activity in environmental control systems along with strengthening and service.
Renewable Power has signed several small and medium-sized contracts for both hydroelectric and wind this year. The most important orders came from Latin America, Asia and North Africa.
Energy Transmission (Grid), together with the strategic HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) in Sweden, has recorded small and medium-sized orders worldwide as always.
The main projects recorded in Transportation are Singapore (subways and signaling improvement), Eastern Europe (locomotives in Russia with associated maintenance contract and high-speed trains in Poland) and very high-speed trains in Western Europe (France). Trams in the UK, the signaling system in Denmark and regional trains in Sweden.
Significant goals in technology and innovation
Alstom continued to adapt to the geographic development of its markets during the 2011 / 12 fiscal year and set important goals in technology and innovation.
Thermal Energy and Transport has initiated restructuring plans to adapt to the slow demand in developed countries. At the end of March in Germany, Italy and Spain at the end of March 2012, while the program in Transportation units continued, the regulation in North America and Europe capacities at Termik Enerji was largely completed. Alstom has also signed a record number of partnerships to invest in new capacities in order to maintain its growth in fast-growing countries and to enter into promising areas.
R&D expenses continued at a high level. Thermal Energy has announced the latest version updates for the GT26, GT24 and GT13 gas turbines, which offer higher output, better efficiency and greater flexibility. Renewable Energy has unveiled its new 6 MW offshore wind turbine and its first project in France to supply three large wind farms with 240 turbines within a consortium led by EDF EN. kazanwas. Energy Transmission has developed a new HVDC technology with its first success in Sweden in the year. Finally, Transportation has completed its new very high speed train (AGV), which was commissioned in Italy at the end of April 2012.
About Alstom
Alstom; is a global leader in energy generation, energy transmission and rail infrastructure, setting the bench for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Alstom builds the highest capacity automatic subway system as well as the fastest train in the world. In addition to supplying turnkey power plant solutions and related services for a wide range of energy sources including hydro and nuclear power, natural gas, coal and wind energy, Alstom also offers a wide range of intelligent network-oriented solutions for energy transmission. Approximately 100 92.000 employees in the country in the 2011 / 2012 20 employees in the 22 billion Euro sales amount has reached the number of approximately XNUMX billion euros received orders.
About Alstom Turkey
Alstom has started to operate in Turkey in the 1960s, is an organization that provides important contributions to Turkey's energy and rail transport infrastructure. Alstom, the country's largest hydroelectric power plant, including the Ataturk Dam, Turkey's installed power generation capacity of as basic equipment sourcing as well as to more than 50%, TEIAŞ board has supplied approximately 50% of transmission products and Istanbul The construction of the first Metro Line (Taksim-Levent) has successfully completed several important railway projects, such as the delivery of 460 locomotives for the National Railways and the Istanbul tram. Alstom, trafficking in Turkey, engineering, with nearly 1200 employees that employment in the services and manufacturing, power generation and power transmission areas capable of managing all regions worldwide turnkey transmission projects, is a company that contributes to social and economic fields. Alstom Grid exports 85% of its production at the Gebze factory and is always in the top 500 in the list of the top 100 national companies.
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