Metrobus fire again!

A fire broke out in the engine section of a metrobus in Istanbul, as it did on Saturday. The fire was put out in a short time before it grew.
Smoke began to rise when metrobüsten from Küçükçekmece Beşyol, who was heading to Avcılar in the morning.
The driver and stewards who noticed the situation intervened with the fire extinguishers in the fumes in the engine part of the vehicle.
The fire specified by the air conditioning failure was extinguished by the officers in a short time.
Passengers who panicked went on their way with another metrobus.
The Metrobus retreated to the area beyond the stop to prevent traffic from being obstructed by officials. Technical team from the scene, began to work to eliminate the fault in the metrobüste.
He was burned on Saturday.
The Avrobel-Zincirlikuyu expedition took place on Saturday.
When he approached the waterfall stop, the fire extinguished again by the security guards and the driver with the fire tube. The blazing metrobus was imaged with a cell phone camera.

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