Cost of Alanya Cable Car Project Announced

Increase Alanya Cable Car Fee
Increase Alanya Cable Car Fee

Mayor of Alanya Municipal Assembly meeting was held by Hasan Sipahioğlu. In the meeting, the revenue and expenditure accounts of the municipality's 2011 year were discussed.

Alanya Municipality Council held its May meeting under the chairmanship of Hasan Sipahioğlu. In the meeting, firstly, the income and expense accounts of the municipality for 2011 were discussed. It was stated that the income and expenditure of the municipality in 2011 was approximately 82 million liras. The accounts were approved unanimously in the parliament. Then, the issues on the agenda of the zoning commission were discussed. In the assembly, where the demands of the citizens were accepted, it was decided that the zoning demands of the municipalities connected to Alanya be put on hold.

Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu said that they kept the files on hold in order to get an opinion and make a sound decision in line with the last Governor's Circular regarding the merger. Saying that they will hold the solid waste facility tender on May 29, Sipahioğlu said, "Seven companies have applied so far. If it happens, Turkey will be the second exemplary facility," he said. Stating that the work of the ropeway project continues, Sipahioğlu stated that the cost of the project will reach 7 million liras and emphasized that they will bring the issue to the parliament in June. Parliament was in recess in August last year. This year, it was decided not to take a vacation. CHP Assembly Member Serdar Noyan's proposal was unanimously accepted in the assembly.

Participation Shares were discussed in the City Council. Answering CHP's Serdar Noyan's parliamentary question, Chairman Sipahioğlu said that the water line work, which cost approximately 12,5 million liras, will be collected from the citizen on the basis of the real estate declaration. Sipahioğlu stated that DSI worked on the section from Üzümlü to the dam and they increased the pipes from 400 to 800, and that they would pay the difference of approximately 3,5 million. Sipahioğlu stated that approximately 800 thousand liras were paid for the installation of the pipes, and 8 million liras of credit was received, and that the total cost reached 12,5 million liras. Saying that they have to take the participation share in the expenditures as per the law, Sipahioğlu said that this cost is foreseen as not to exceed two percent of the real estate declaration. The rate we received was 0.25 percent, he said.

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