With the renewal of the Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş train line, the 110 million passengers will be transported annually.

Sincan Ankara-Kayaş: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Board of Directors, BAŞKENTRAY for the implementation of the project 186 million 235 thousand 935 euros with Gülermak offering the lowest bid-Kolin Business tender Partnership decided he wins.
Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Sivas High-Speed ​​Train Projects will be provided with the Ankara-Ankara integration of the Başkentray Project, which is planned to carry 110 million passengers per year.
The current 4 road between Ankara and Behiçbey will be on 2, including 2 high speed trains, 2 suburban and 6 units for conventional trains. A total of 2 roads will be built between Behiçbey and Sincan, including the 2 high speed train, 1 suburban and 5 conventional trains.
Between Ankara and Kayas, there will be 2 suburban units, 1 units and 1 units for 4 units. 36 mileage will be laid on the total 184 kilometer. Within the scope of the project, 25 platform, 13 highway underpass, 2 highway overpass, 26 pedestrian underpass and 2 pedestrian overpass will be constructed.

Source : www.aa.com.t is

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