Plans to shift the passengers to Metrobus and IDO in Istanbul become a total retribution

The plan of shifting the passengers of Atatürk Airport to metrobus and sea buses going to the Anatolian side, which has been implemented since July, obliges the passengers to transfer their suitcases to 3-4 and they have to struggle to reach the other end of the city.
ISTANBUL Atatürk Airport, the retirement of the passengers on the Asian side of the plane to catch the problem was added. This led to a plan to shift the passengers of Atatürk Airport on the Anatolian Side to metrobus and sea buses on the Anatolian Side, which was implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality last July. With the new application, passengers are obliged to transfer their suitcases to the 3-4 and have to struggle to reach the airport from one end to the other. Havataş says that ı We do not have any authority, we cannot open a line hat and IETT says k the line has been canceled because there is not enough number of passengers Hav. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has taken the passenger transfer service between Havaş and the airports from last July and transfered to Havataş, a company with the name of Günaydın and Çimen for 14 million 100 thousand TL. During the transfer process, which led to intensive public debate and the transfer of 24 million passengers per year, some lines were closed and new lines were introduced, enabling integration between metrobus and sea buses and airports.
Yenikapi to Kozyatagi
Kozyatağı-Atatürk Airport line, which provides the transfer of passengers on the Anatolian side to Yeşilköy, is the leading line. This line was replaced by Havataş's ring buses to Atatürk Airport and Taksim from the sea bus pier in Yenikapı. In order for the plane passengers to go to Yeşilköy, Bostancı or KadıköyIt needs to reach the sea bus in. From here, they can take the sea bus, get to Yenikapı and take the buses of Havataş from Yenikapı to Atatürk Airport. However, Havaş buses, which previously departed from Kozyatağı, carried passengers directly to Atatürk Airport.
Editing required for line
Upon the complaint of Hürriyet readers, our friend Birol Öner awarded the tender opened by IETT in 2010. kazanHe met with Havataş officials. In the statement made by Havataş, it is stated that the contract signed with İETT does not cover the Kozyatağı-Atatürk Airport line, and that a new arrangement should be made in order to open the line.
IETT officials connected the cancellation of the line to the lack of sufficient passenger capacity. IETT statement, kon after the start of the Metrobus voyages on the line in question was very low. We are continuing our research on the subject. In case of sufficient demand, we are ready to review our decision. Yeter

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