Train Crash in India: 24 Dead

24 people died in India as a result of a collision of a passenger train and freight train. It was announced that some of the passengers lost their lives in the fire that broke into the wagon. As the rescue efforts continue, the number of dead people is worried.
A passenger train collides with a freight train in Anantapur, India.
24 has lost its lives due to collision and fire. The injured were treated in the environment hospitals.
The accident occurred while the freight train was waiting at the station in Penukonda.
A passenger train hit the freight train on the same tracks. The 4 wagon of the passenger train derailed. Many passengers were stranded in a fire in one of the cars.
Authorities, the increase in the number of fears, he said.
Every day, 20 million people travel by train in India.

Source: News B

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