Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Urban Transportation Master Plan Project Preliminary application deadline for consultancy tender 07 May 2012

Preliminary proclamation of Ulaşım Erzurum Urban Transportation Master Plan, Urban Transportation Emergency Action Survey and Projects, Urban Railway System Line Feasibility Studies Preparation Consultancy Service Ulaşım tender will be realized by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Presidency 25 April Public Tender
(KIK) Bulletin.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; pre-election deadline for this tender 07 May 2012
was declared as 10: 00.
The documents can be obtained from Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality (Tel: 250 0442 233 10) for 11 liras.
As a result of the pre-election evaluation to be made, 5 is invited to nominate among the companies whose competencies are determined.
It will be. The duration of the work was determined as 10 months.

Source : Investments

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