Eskişehir Governor Kadir Koçdemir Visited Rail Systems Test Center

Kadir Koçdemir, the Governor of Eskişehir, made observations on the site of the Rail Systems Test Center to be built in Alpu.
Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Prof.Dr. Dr. Davut Aydın, Alpu District Governor Muharrem Coşgun, Alpu Mayor Rafet Demirtaş, Vice Rector of Anadolu University Dr. Prof. Mustafa Cavcar and Anadolu University Lecturer. Dr. Gökhan Ece also participated.
Expressing that very important progress has been made with the works carried out, Koçdemir mentioned the importance of the project and said, "In the world, it will save Turkey from many costs, as well as provide significant added value from the countries around us and provide an economic opportunity to come here. kazanA significant part of the three-year-old enterprise has been left behind. The most important part of this was getting this intention accepted and answering the questions about where to do it.”
Emphasizing that the next phase of the project requires some financial resource and time, Koçdemir said, “I think the same team will solve this as soon as possible. We, as the Governor's Office, will make quick decisions in line with the pace this beautiful project has achieved so far, and we will strive for the implementation of this project as soon as possible, with our team regarding the issues related to the zoning plans and the allocation to the legislation. It is a project that will be beneficial to Eskisehir and Turkey. We wish it to come to life as soon as possible, and we strive for it ”.

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