Aziz Kocaoglu, Metro said we're revolutionizing

Huseyin Aslan prepared and presented on the EGE TV 'lens' in the program speaking Aziz Kocaoglu, the metro is making revolution, '' he said.
Kocaoğlu said that they are about to end the troubles on the Hatay-Üçkuyular metro line that returned to the story of the snake. Look, Ankara Metro threw a towel. Istanbul postponed the date. One who knows, and one who does not speak. Tunnel knows how to do a subway job, and one who doesn't talk. We are trying to do it quickly. We're counting days for the 2 station to open. In 1 months we will be able to give the exact date by the end of June. 75 meter is left in one 100 meter is left in one Total 175 meter are going down from top to bottom. It is km from the municipality 80. Rail system finished and Karşıyaka Tunnel has struggled with water, was able to succeed, Bornova'yı also succeeded here, but the rail system of Izmir will open the front. This is a revolution, a turning point. Aliağa Menderes is also a turning point in passing the bad ground. After that, whoever wants to be able to do the metro with open and close. Not at all. ”

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