It will be made in Ankara, the 391 million dollars in the Chinese company that will make the bid was finalized.

In the tender for the 324 vehicle to be used in the Ankara subway, the commission decided that the Chinese company CSR Electric Locomotive, which offers the lowest bid with 391 million 230 thousand dollars, took the job.
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments to be used in the Ankara subway 324 new vehicle procurement for the tender, the commission, 391 million 230 thousand dollars, the Chinese company CSR Electric Locomotive Co. which offers the lowest bid. Ltd decided to take over the business.
According to AA correspondent Tamer Toğanaş, the tender commission of the Ankara Metros vehicle tender evaluated its proposals and made its decision. The tender for the Ankara metro vehicles was held at 5 March 2012 in the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, and the tender was offered by 3 company including CSR Electric Locomotive (China), CAF SA (Spain), Hyundai Rotem (Korea). and Siemens company sent a letter of thanks.
In the tender, the 391 is the lowest bid with 230 thousand dollars, while the Chinese company CSR Electric Locomotive is offering the Spanish CAF company 321 million 829 thousand 20 euros for the construction work of the vehicles and the Korean company Hyundai Rotem has offered 511 million 140 thousand 244 dollars.
The tender commission, following a monthly review and evaluation process of approximately 2, will conduct the construction of the 324 vehicle to be used in the Tandoğan-Keçiören, Kızılay-Çayyolu and Batıkent-Sincan subway lines and the Chinese company CSR Electric Locomotive Co., which offers the lowest bid with 391 million 230 thousand dollars Ltd decided to take over. The decision was communicated to the companies participating in the tender on 11 May 2012. Due to the procurement process, companies have 10 days to appeal to the decision. 21 In the event that any objection is not received from the companies within the period to be completed on May evening, the Chinese company CSR Electric Locomotive Co. has won the tender. Ltd, will be invited to sign the contract.
At least percent 30 domestic additives
After 20 month of signing the contract, CSR Electric Locomotive will start the first delivery in batches of vehicles for 15. All vehicles are expected to be delivered within 32 months. In the first 75 of the metro vehicles, at least 30 domestic contribution is foreseen, while in the remaining part the domestic contribution rate will be 51. The first delivery time of the vehicles will be completed for the completion of the construction works of the Kizilay-Cayyolu and Sincan-Batikent subway lines.

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