320 tram 4 bus worked simultaneously, passed world literature

320 trams and 4 buses worked at the same time, they entered the world literature: Dersaadet Tramway Joint Stock Company was established in 19th century Istanbul to relieve the passenger traffic of the city. It was founded on 30 August 1869, with the concession given to the Greek businessman Karanapas, in parallel with the use of trams in western country capitals. The company, whose concession period is 40 years, will carry passengers in horse-drawn carriages on the railway in certain locations in Istanbul. The company first decided to open 4 lines between Azapkapı-Ortaköy, Eminönü-Aksaray, Aksaray-Yedikule, Aksaray-Topkapı. Along the route, the cobblestones are removed, flat cut stones are laid, and the railway is mounted on these stones. The regular sounds of horses rushed on a tram on the rails are heard for the first time in the autumn of 1872. Trams become a favorite of Istanbulites in a short time because they provide both cheap and fast travel. However, since it is a new business, the system has not yet settled. For example, there are no stops and this reduces the speed of the tram, as passengers get on and off where they want. Thus, it is decided to put the stops. A second problem is the safety problem of the tram. For this reason, a horn system is prepared for the tram. Horse-drawn trams continue to serve the people of Istanbul on different routes for years. In the Balkan War of 1912, all horses of the Dersaadet Tramway Company were purchased by the state, showing the need of the army. From 1914 on, it was decided to operate trams with electricity. The first electric tram crosses the Galata Bridge in the winter of 1914.
After World War I, its name changed to "Istanbul Tram Company". In 1933, due to the 10th anniversary of the Republic, it started to operate 320 trams and 4 buses at the same time and entered the world literature with 1939% working capacity. The business of 1961 is transferred to IETT. Intensive zoning movements that are widespread in Istanbul also affect the tram routes. Routes on the European side disappear completely in 1966. Trams on the Anatolian side are also removed from service in XNUMX.

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