'Enough to ask for Izmir 35 project will not stay in 35'!

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, 12 35 project before the June elections, they promised 9 project, despite the 11 month, said they started the project 7. Stating that they have started the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project for the first time, Yildirim said that the works continued at two speeds. From the XNUMX hour of travel time with Izmir-Istanbul motorway and gulf crossing

Underlining the arrival of the 3 hour, Transport Minister Binali Yildirim stressed that all travel times on the Izmir-Manisa-Balikesir-Bursa-Yalova-Gebze route will be halved.

Saying that the highway projects that will connect Izmir to Antalya, Çanakkale, Edirne and Ankara are in the line, Yıldırım said, ya We connect İzmir with the high speed train before connecting to Ankara by motorway. We went to İzmir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line and we started construction. Travel time will be completed when the project is completed: 3.5 from Izmir to Ankara. The giant investment on the Izmir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line will bring Izmir and Ankara closer. Minister Yıldırım, Egeray and Selcuk and Bergama Izmir Central connection will end the traffic jam, he said.

'Enough to ask for Izmir, we will do'

Minister Yildirim, they were at the beginning of the road, on the other hand, they started to take the fruits of the investments said. Yildirim, Izmir, 200 metropolitan city, the world's fastest growing metropolitan economies in the list of Shanghai, Riyadh and Jeddah after 4. reminiscent of the order. Stressing that the urban transformation of İzmir is of great importance, Yıldırım said k We promised to make the urban transformation of İzmir before the election.

We bring the legislation to the agenda of the TGNA. No sitting in Izmir. Time is time to work, Zaman he said. The right of the service and the account will not be noted Minister Yıldırım said. Iz Metropolitan Municipality and we will do our part. The pearl of Turkey, the gateway to the west of the country attracted a lot of longing. For him, we complete the double roads.

We're doing the Turkey's largest port of Izmir, Istanbul, Izmir, we are launching the construction of giant projects such as highways. For this reason, we are doing our best to recover from the transportation problem to the Sabuncubeli Tunnel with the Konak Tunnel. Therefore, we turned Adnan Menderes into a metropolitan airport and a world airport. For this reason, we make Izmir one of the few cities in Europe, not only in our country. For him, we call the 35 project. If Izmir wants, the plate remains 35, our project does not stay in 35. It is our job to make new projects. Just ask for Izmir..

Izmir will be a logistics base

Minister Yıldırım, Izmir, saying that they quickly begin work to make the logistics base, "Turkey will be the largest logistics base Gulab Logistics Center also went out to tender. We will start the project soon. 3 will be installed on an area of ​​1 million square meters. Also, the collection center of the Aegean Region will be the Kemalpaşa Logistics Center with the Torbalı-Kemalpaşa railway connection to the North Aegean Port. Ayrıca Minister Yıldırım also reached the turnover of 14 billion TL e-commerce for the purpose of making the heart of e-commerce in Izmir, E-PTT Virtual Shopping Center will open soon, he said. Saying that they will establish Digital Archive Kent in Izmir, Yildirim said “We gave the digital archive city and started it. Digital archive city is a big project. State, the company will not need paper. Billions of pages will be transferred to electronic media M.

The number of ports will be 6 to 24

Turkey's largest port in North Aegean harbor Minister Binali Yildirim said that they laid the foundation "will be among the world's largest port harbor 10; Izmir's rail and motorway links, the Aegean region and Turkey will be an important gateway to global markets, "he said. With this project, Turkey's container handling capacity of the record will come to present three times Lightning "from Izmir to increase the number of its marina 6 to 24, Izmir will translate well to cruises in the harbor project will be tendered in 2 months."


  • İZMİR - İSTANBUL HIGHWAY: Its Foundation was laid on October 29, 2010. Studies continue by Istanbul and Izmir.
  • SABUNCUBELI TUNNEL: 10 Founded in September 2011 History.

  • KONAK TUNNEL: 23 laid foundation on September 2011.

  • İZMİR - ANKARA HIGH SPEED TRAIN LINE: It was tendered on 28 December 2011. The construction will start with the delivery of the place.

  • EGERAY CUMOVASI -TORBALI LINE: 7 In September 2011 The foundation of Cumovası - Busy Line was laid.

  • NORTH EGE PORT: 16 Founded in May 2011.

  • KEMALPAŞA LOGISTICS CENTER: 21 was auctioned on March 2012. Following the signing of the contract, the site will be delivered and construction will start.

  • ADNAN MENDERES AIRPORT DOMESTIC TERMINAL: 11 Intervals have been performed in December 2011. New Domestic Terminal Construction Started.

  • E-COMMERCE BASE: The installation work of PTT AVM is about to be completed and will be opened soon.

  • CALL CENTERS: Call center of a private company opened. Opening of the two call centers is about to be completed.

  • YACHT PORT PROJECT: Karşıyaka, BayraklıPrequalification files were received in the project tender of the İnciraltı, Urla-Çeşme and Şakran Yacht Ports. Project work continues.

  • KURVAZİYER PORT: Project tender will be made within 2 months

Source : I haber.ihlassondakika.co

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