Towards the End at Yenikapı Transfer Point

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, attended the meeting for the projects related to "Yenikapı Transfer Point and Archeopark Area".

Informing the press members at the end of the meeting attended by international architecture offices at the Istanbul Metropolitan Planning and Urban Design Center (IMP), Topbaş said that 42 projects in total applied, “9 groups of them were evaluated. Meanwhile, the last work was done on 9. Especially Yenikapı Metro Station is an important center that changed the history of Istanbul, emphasizing its 8-year history and reaching important archaeological findings. "We wanted this station not only as a subway node, the point where the north-south and east-west axes meet, but also to be a museum station, and these compilations have been made as far as we can see."


Explaining that the final evaluation was made, Topbaş said, "I think we will have 3 projects," he said. Emphasizing that the region in question is a very important point for Istanbul, Topbaş said, “If we take into consideration that Marmaray will be activated at the end of 2013 and likewise take into consideration that the Maslak metro line will descend to Yenikapı, it is an important station that we need as soon as possible. But it is also an important new center for the station. On the other hand, when we look at it, we will reveal a point where approximately 2 million people per day will move here, ”he said. Stating that the investment cost of the station could be 300 million dollars, Topbaş stated that they are also planning to establish a biological treatment facility in the region.

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