New project will be suitable for light rail system

Turgut Ozal boulevard will change the face of the new arrangement work 'light rail' will be made according to the system.
While the new Turgut Özal boulevard project, which was put out to tender the previous day, created excitement in the city, the feasibility studies of the light rail system were also started. Deputy Mayor Serhat Temel said that they are carrying out serious studies on the 'light rail' system, which is eagerly awaited by the public. Stating that the new project, which was put out for tender, would be suitable for the light rail system, Temel said, “With the Turgut Özal boulevard project, the traffic will be relieved and the visual pollution will end. After all phases of this project are completed, we will also include the light rail system on our agenda. This system is a longer term project. We have now started the necessary infrastructure works. Clarity of work in the future kazanit will hurt,” he said.

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