Uskudar-Beykoz subway is coming

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş said, “We are doing a subway project from Üsküdar to Beykoz on the coast, we are thinking of a 'finucular' style rail system”.
Renovated by Beykoz Municipality. Dr. In his speech at the opening of Necmettin Erbakan Cultural Center and Osman Akfırat Library, he stated that they have been trying to do whatever needs to be done in every field, and that they have invested 46 billion liras in Istanbul so far.

Expressing that the total of investments he made in Beykoz alone was 775 million liras, Topbaş noted that they are trying to serve each district as much as they can.

Touching on the investments they made in the district such as Topbaş, road and junction arrangements and indoor sports halls, we are doing a subway project from Üsküdar to Beykoz in the direction of the coast. Before the subway construction on the coastal road, we think of a 'finular' style rail system that will descend from above to the beach. ”

Explaining that there are metro projects from Üsküdar to Sarıyer on the coastline, Topbaş said, “What does this mean? A person leaving from Beykoz will have the opportunity to go from the station he gets on, to the metro he enters, to any point of Istanbul, to Silivri, Taksim, Başakşehir or Beykoz. That's civilization. ”

Topbas, children should not leave the book of the hands of the elders to read books, said that the children first followed their parents.

-Beykoz Mayor Çelikbilek-

Beykoz Mayor Yücel Çelikbilek also reminded that the late Necmettin Erbakan, one of the former prime ministers, laid the foundation of this building during the first term mayor.

Çelikbilek stated that they are aiming to offer culture and art services in more well-maintained and modern spaces while transforming from the industrial city of Beykoz to education, tourism and culture.

Thanking those who contributed, especially Kadir Topbaş, who founded the public library of 20 thousand books, Çelikbilek noted that they gave the library the name of Hacı Osman Akfırat, who has served for many years in the district on the way of science-lore and has shown many examples of loyalty to their values.

After the speeches, Topbas and their staff made the opening of the cultural center by cutting the ribbon.

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