Two trains collided in Amsterdam, 136 injured

In the Dutch capital Amsterdam, the 2 passenger train, which crossed the same track the previous evening, collided head-on. The catastrophic accident 56, 136 injured people. The accident occurred as a result of the fast train to Nijmegen from the Sloterdijk Station in the capital city, and the suburban train collided with the clock 18.30 ranks. Passengers on the train were thrown back and forth in the train with the severity of the collision. After the announcement of the accident to the authorities, many help and rescue teams arrived. The wounded of the two train wagons, the fire brigade was recovered in a short time after intensive work was taken to the hospital. Hospital officials, 136 injured in the accident, 80 person said that the treatment of outpatient. 56 removed from hospital by ambulances seriously injured passengers 13'in life was announced. Two train mechanics colliding head-to-head among the seriously wounded. Most of the injuries were broken, crushed and cut.


After the accident, those traveling between Amsterdam and Schipol were transported to their destination by bus. The accident, 40-50 trains run at the speed of the area occurring, the number of injured more prevented recorded. The cause of the accident has not yet been determined.

Source: SABAH

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