They will walk to Ankara for TÜVASAŞ

TÜVASAŞ's presence is the biggest obstacle to foreign capital
They will walk to Ankara for TÜVASAŞ ...
Members of the Board of Directors of Türk Transportation You held a press conference at Gümüş Restaurant. At the meeting where Vice President Cihat Koray was also present, developments regarding the transfer of TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli were evaluated. Branch President Ömür Kalkan, who read the statement, said that the relocation process would not make any contribution to the factory.
Head of Department Ömür Kalkan
As it is known, TÜVASAŞ's long-standing efforts to direct public opinion on the move to Ferizli district of Sakarya continue. As Sakarya Branch, we have shown the necessary stance against Adapazarina and TÜVASAŞA. Those who want to move to the TÜVASAŞ place due to the shortness of ours, we say that you are not telling the truth. Because the most important Wagon Factories in the world continue to operate in smaller business areas than TÜVASAŞ. For example; 71.800 is the factory of CAF in Zaragoza where we buy high speed train wagons, 37.200 is the factory in America and one of the biggest factories of BOMBARDİER is in China. It is also in 151.038 m², WAGONPARS 330.000 m² in Iran ROTEM in Korea 1000 wagons in the year 340.000 is in 70.000 m² indoor area manufactures only. TÜVASAŞ continues its activities in a closed area of ​​359.000 m² in 80.000 m². When we look at the figures, it will be seen that most of the world's leading companies are not as close as TÜVASAŞ closed area. In addition, TÜVASAŞ is an organization that does not cause pollution to the environment, does not cause any harm to the environment including noise and does not have any negative effect on traffic. Well, why is this move persistently brought to the agenda. The best answer of this question was given by our General Manager 2011 in a statement to the press. In the statement of our General Manager;

“TÜVASAŞ, which has an important power in the national market, signed a 6 million 2010 thousand2 Euro contract with Eurotem for the production of Marmaray Project vehicles on September 831, 262. From 2003 to 2010, it reached about $ 553 million in the last seven years. The first in the list of 500 largest companies managed to take place TÜVASAŞ's sales revenue increased efficiency in production in Turkey also provides the same increase. Tüvasaş's 2011 budget is 290 million Turkish Liras in total. In addition to this, a foreign currency input of 30 million Euros will be provided for 32 sleepers to be built in Bulgaria.

Turkey's most powerful players in the national and international level in railways undoubtedly Turkey Wagon Industry Co. that is TÜVASAŞ. TÜVASAŞ has an annual production capacity of 79 wagons and 197 wagon repairs in a total area of ​​2 thousand 359 m73, 2 m65 of which is closed area; It has 500 different Factories: Manufacturing, Repair, Electrical, Electronic Operations, Chemical Processes and Boji. For TCDD, until the end of 5 thousand 2010 passenger car production by 784 thousand 35 passenger railcar maintenance, repair, overhaul and rail and Turkey by making the modernization of transport took off from being dependent on outside in the area as well as provide an important contribution to the national economy. " This word of Mr. General Manager is enough to reveal the main intention. The existence of TÜVASAŞ is the biggest obstacle to foreign capital. It should be eliminated.

As a result of the opposition we have put on the agenda we think that the issue of local newspapers again 19.04.2012 history was brought to the agenda. When we look at the news, it is understood that these attempts are carried to more serious and higher levels. Sakarya branch The Board of Directors decided to carry out a series of information activities related to the facts behind the demand for TÜVASAŞ to be transferred to Ferizli. In line with these decisions, we first came together with you at 21.04.2012.

Then, after the Friday prayer in 27.04.2012 on the 13.45 after the press release in front of TÜVASAŞ, a march to Ankara will be started and a press release will be made in front of the Ministry. We will give us strength and morale in our struggle to see you at a press conference to be held before our hike.


Walking to Ankara

27 April 2012 hour starts at 15.00.

27 April 2012 clock at 16.50 Karapürçek Road


Time to ride on 17.00 vehicles

18.00 at Küçük Melen in Düzce

The walk will begin.

Follow Istanbul Street

It will end at Anıtpark.

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