Towards Ankara for TÜVASAŞ

As it is known, the news about the transfer of TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli is insistently on the agenda. This move by our union shows a variety of activities against it. There will be no positive impact on TÜVASAŞ and Sakarya, but only because TÜVASAŞ is afraid of public reaction in the process of liquidation. In this context, many press releases have been made so far and in the 27.04.2012: 13 45 will be launched in front of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

The paper published by our Presidency of Sakarya Branch;

TÜVASAŞ, one of the most important industrial corporations of our country and region, is one of the Subsidiaries of TCDD and was established in 1951. Since the 1960 years, with a hundred percent domestic project, TCDD has been producing all the passenger cars for service for fifty years and periodic maintenance, failures and repairs for sixty years.
In recent months, some people have been asked about the transfer of TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli. The reason is that TÜVASAŞ's business area is inadequate.

This justification is not absolutely correct. Because the most important Wagon Factories in the world are operating in a much smaller business area than TÜVASAŞ. For example; CAF, the biggest wagon factory in Spain, where we buy high-speed train wagons, is located in Zaragoza, 71.800 m², again in the US factory 37.200 m². m² ROTEM in Korea manufactures 151.038 wagons in 330.000 m² in 1000 m² closed area per year. TÜVASAŞ continues its activities in a closed area of ​​340.000 m² in 70.000 m². As can be seen, the majority of the world's most prominent companies are not as close to TÜVASAŞ's closed area. In addition, TÜVASAŞ is a non-polluting company that has no negative impact on urban traffic.

Why is this move on the agenda of Sakarya public opinion? The best answer to this question is that our Director-General is quoted in an interview with him in 2011.

“A contract worth millions of Euros was signed with Eurotem on September 6, 2010 for the production of TÜVASAŞ Marmaray Project vehicles, which have an important power in the national market. In the last seven years from 2003 to 2010, approximately $ 553 million was reached. Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Organizations has provided a list of places that manage to TÜVASAŞ to rise at the same rate of sales revenue increased efficiency in production. TÜVASAŞ's budget for 2011 is 290 million Turkish Liras in total. " In addition to this, a foreign currency input of 30 million Euros will be provided for 32 sleepers to be built in Bulgaria. Turkey's most powerful players in the national and international level in railways undoubtedly Turkey Wagon Industry Co. that is TÜVASAŞ. TÜVASAŞ has an annual production capacity of 79 wagons and 197 wagon repairs in a total area of ​​2 thousand 359 m73, 2 m65 of which is closed area; It has 500 different Factories: Manufacturing, Repair, Electrical, Electronic Operations, Chemical Processes and Boji. For TCDD, until the end of 5 thousand 2010 passenger car production by 784 thousand 35 passenger railcar maintenance, repair, overhaul and rail and Turkey by making the modernization of transport took off from being dependent on outside in the area as well as provide an important contribution to the national economy. " The existence of TÜVASAŞ is the biggest obstacle to foreign capital. “
We are attending these findings of our General Manager. With the knowledge and experience we have, the rapid spread of our name in international markets worries foreign firms operating in this sector.

As is known, the production and repair areas of TÜVASAS were completely destroyed in the 1999 Sakarya earthquake. In the last decade, more than 70 million TL investments have been made for the reconstruction of the demolished factories and the supply of the equipment. We ask the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to TÜVASAŞ who are interested in carrying TÜVASAŞ. WHO YOU WILL, WHICH WILL RETURN, WHICH SHOULD YOU HAVE A LOT OF 70 MILLION INVESTMENT AND THE LAST TWO BILLION LIRA, THE FOLLOWING BUILDING OF THE FOLLOWING NATION, WILL REMOVE THE FACTORY. Who and what information do you offer this report to the public?

Distinguished Sakarians, another aspect of the relocation is the New Railway Law, which is about to become Legal. When this law is legalized, TÜVASAŞ will be removed from its position as a Subsidiary of TCDD. So there is no connection with TCDD. The area where TÜVASAŞ currently operates is owned by TCDD.

In the draft law, it is clear that the status of the institutions taken out of the Subsidiaries by the TCDD can be sustained in the areas deemed appropriate by the TCDD. Nevertheless, EUROTEM, which is an associate with a share of 15 at a rate of% XNUMX, will continue its connection with TCDD. This is the essence and the essence of everything.

As the Turkish Transportation Association, we have shown our stance against the games played on TÜVASAŞ and we continue to show. The most important need of TÜVASAŞ is qualified workers. Today, we need at least 500 workers who are qualified as industrial vocational high school and even MY school graduates with social and trade union rights. We are going to Ankara to move our factory to Ferizli. If you really think about TÜVASAŞ, just contribute to finding a solution to the scarcity of our workforce.

27.04.2012: 13 on 45 After the press release in front of TÜVASAŞ at 30.04.2012, a walk towards Ankara will be started. A press release will be made in front of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Maritime Affairs on 27.04.2012. In the press conference we will do in the history of XNUMX to see the people of Sakarya next to us in the struggle will give us strength and morale. WHAT WE DO IF YOU DO EVERYTHING, SAKARYA SHOULD HAVE TO HAVE TÜVASAŞA. SAKARYA PUBLIC OPINION


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