Tüvasaş and Eurotem

After the 1960s, when it was one of the poor countries, there are many world brand companies in South Korea, whose national income per capita is over 20 thousand dollars today. We use and see the products of many other brands such as Hyundai, Kia, Daweoo, Ssang Yong, Kumho, LG, Samsung, Romanson in almost every area of ​​our daily life in many sectors such as high speed train, iron steel, automotive, energy and electronics. Many Korean companies have significant investments in many countries not only in Turkey. Korea's leading company, Hyundai, has a prestigious place in the world and employs 180 thousand people.
Being one of the most valuable brands in the world, Samsung operates with its approximately 62 thousand employees in 160 countries. The number of R&D employees alone is 44 thousand. Samsung is also the second brand in the world to receive more than 3 patents after IBM.
Korea is also a country that has the technology to make trains that can speed up to over 300 kilometers per hour. Producing the high speed train up to 330 kilometers per hour, Hyundai Rotem is also a partner of the Eurotem company in Adapazarı. TCDD produces rail vehicles for the project of Tüvasaş and Marmaray in Eurotem Adapazarı, which is a partnership of Hyundai Rotem, Hacco and Asaş Otomotiv.
South Korea is also the 4th country to produce its high-speed train after Japan, France and Germany.
because of the Korean War in the 1950s, one of the 16 leading South Korea to help the country position in Turkey is now a transfer of technology from South Korea. Korean brand in the world, although many companies in the same age Tüvasas Turkey with almost 60 years, unfortunately, could not make a world brand as a value Tüvasas in this process.
After starting operations in 1951 as the “Wagon Repair Workshop”, Tuvasas, which produced its first wagon in 1962, made its first export to Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971. In fact, 60 years is enough for Tüvasaş to produce high-tech rail vehicles. But today we see that the technology it reaches is only at the level of cooperation for co-production. When we look at today and compare with South Korea's branded companies in the world, we can say that an organization like Tuvasas should be one of the world's leading brands in its field with much more advanced technology. But it couldn't. Questioning the past process of Tüvasaş does not make Tuvasas a world brand, but the best thing to do after this day should be to plan what can be done in the future with the experiences gained from the past. Production is a method applied by successful companies with an understanding and logic accepted in the world. It is not possible for Tüvasaş to become a world brand with its public structure. When we examine the rail vehicles sub-industry businesses around Tüvasaş, it is possible to see that many of them reached the power to produce advanced technology in a short period of time, such as 10 years. Joint collaboration and production has led to the creation of a strong supplier industry for railway vehicles in Sakarya. For this reason, Tüvasaş should benefit from the power of the private sector and draw a new road map by collaborating more without losing more time.

Source : http://www.dunya.com



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