Tramway in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has developed a great project to ensure that the people of Izmir are more intertwined with the sea.
The coastline of 40, which starts at Sasalı and ends at İnciraltı, has been redesigned from start to finish.
We listened to the explanations of the professors and experts.
Images, "Ah Izmir, such as to see if we have enough to live our life," he watched.
For this project, three years were spent in the transition from idea to action ...
It's easy to say, three years ...
More than 100 has worked on it, and it has produced a great work.

If the project is implemented, for example, we will have the bicycle path of Üçkuyular-Mavişehir, which I mentioned earlier.
We will visit the terraces and enjoy the sea by participating in the activities there.
As our quality of life increases, we will have a happier life.
What's more in the project ...
Everything was okay as well, the business focused on the tram there when it came.
Architect Tevfik Tozkoparan, who is the coordinator of the 4th leg of the project stretching from Konak to İnciraltı, favors the passing of the tram through Mithatpaşa Street.
But President Aziz Kocaoglu also under the Mithatpaşa Street passes through the large drinking water pipes, so the passing of the tram can cause great problems.
In his presentation at Adnan Saygun, Mayor Kocaoglu, who did not want to be branched out, prevented Tozkoparan from reaching the microphone.
Pulling the microphone out, he wanted to close the tram thing in a way.
Kocaoglu stated that the issue of the tramway is still under discussion, that no decision has been made yet and that a conclusion will be reached in the coming period.
It turns out that the most troublesome part of the project is the tram.

So what happens if the tram passes through Mustafa Sahil Boulevard?
Cars in the parking lot for the 1960 vehicle on the sea side, where will it go?
It is not possible to open a line from the sea. Even though there is not much burden on the area that is already filled, there are problems from time to time.
So what's the solution? Lifting the tram project is probably the easiest solution.
But the decision has already been made.

According to information I have received from an authorized name, the tram route will definitely pass through the beach.
No return from this approved project.
The tramway, which will be located right next to the highway, on the way from Üçkuyular to Konak ... Naturally, there will be a certain decrease in the parking lots there.
But it was emphasized that there would not be a great loss as it is thought.
1000 will stay in the parking lot for cars.
The giant parking lot to be built in Üçkuyular, is expected to meet a significant portion of the distress.
The citizen will put his car in the parking lot and go to work by tram. Just like in Europe ...
So how to solve the parking lot problem for those living between Üçkuyular and Konak?
In response to this question, the following statement was made:
Çalış The studies on the car park to be constructed in Göztepe are continuing. “
So there will be parking. In short, the problem will be solved by this formula will be solved parking on the route will pass the tram.
Since there is no possibility to shift the traffic load on Mithatpaşa Street to another road, the moves on the beach will save both the street and the tram discussions.
Now, no one can breathe in vain.
Konak-Üçkuyular tram will pass the beach.

Source: Nationality

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