TRABZON should be set up Logistics Center

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdogan Bayraktar, Trabzon to attend the summit summit in Trabzon, gave a message on the issue 4. 3 in the promotion of Trabzon. iz We re-evaluate in the Council of Ministers. Not the order of Allah. Allah

Logistics Center to be established
Bayraktar arguing that a logistic center should be set up at TRABZON will be Çamburnu, we will look closer. We saw the logistics center in Ankara. It's really awesome. We think how we bring them here. Onları
Pointing out that a logistics center should be established in Trabzon, Minister Bayraktar said: yakın We will look at it in a place closer to Trabzon or in Çamburnu. We have visited the logistics center in Ankara with our deputy from Trabzon, Cevdet Erdöl. They're really great. How do we bring them here? We talked about Çamburnu many times, we work very seriously. Railroads need strategic, economic need, both in terms of Turkey's position absolutely must come to Trabzon. Very carefully scientifically. The Ministry of Transport and the KTU have a number of researches, all of them together, and how to bring the railway as soon as possible. Akyazi Project is a project of about 50 million. We need to think about the investments around. We must bring an international fair to Trabzon. When we look international, tourism is the most important argument for the people of foreign countries to come to our country. Uluslararası

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