TCDD Mürşitpınar-Şanlıurfa Railway Project Contractors were requested to submit a preliminary selection of tender for survey, project, engineering and consultancy services

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General
Directorate, Müdür Mürşitpınar -
Şanlıurfa Railway Project Surveying-Design, Engineering and
Pre-selection for the esi Consulting Services ön tender
evaluation studies are completed.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; pre-auction
24 to win 2012
they were asked to bid. Pre-selection of the tender
the winning companies were determined as follows:
1. Botek Bogazici - Atac 2. Contact Emay directly
3. Erka-As - Eser - Koba Eng. 4. Optim Obermeyer
5. Protek Project - Mega Eng. 6. SWS Engineering SpA
7. Temelsu Engineering 8. Yüksel Project
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1056 / 28 November 2012 (ÖA)


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