TCDD Izmir Port Operation Will Unload Freight Quays to Cruise Ships

Due to the 4 cruise ships coming to İzmir at the same time this season, the solution to the problem that will be experienced in Alsancak Port was found.
It was decided to open the cargo berths to cruise ships, while some companies also agreed to make changes on cruise days.
The problem that will be experienced in Alsancak Port on the days when 4 cruise ships will arrive to İzmir at the same time has been resolved. The parties, who came together at the meeting held at the TCDD Izmir Port Authority, decided to take every precaution to prevent cruise ships from interrupting in the 2012 season. As a result of the meeting, which lasted about 1.5 hours, the port authorities decided to open the cargo docks to cruise ships. Some cruise companies have also committed to making changes on the voyage days.

Yesterday, TCDD Izmir Port Operations Manager Turan Yalçın was chaired by the port operation directorate officials, port authority officials, Costa, MSC and other cruise companies agencies, guide captains, the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Shipping. She attended. At the beginning of the meeting closed to the press, it was learned that cruise companies reacted to the problem in the port, while Port Operations Manager Turan Yalçın announced that they would take every precaution to ensure that the cruise ships, which would bring about 10 thousand passengers at the same time, would not fail. It was learned that Yalçın explained that they are ready for all kinds of sacrifices as a port for the development of cruise tourism.
As a result of the meeting, it was decided to open the berths for container ships as well as cruise docks on the 4th of June, 7th of July, and 17th of September, when 5 ships of 300 meters will arrive at the same time. In this context, it was decided to meet with the Customs Directorate to put x-ray devices and buses on the cargo dock. The proposal of the Chairman of the Board of Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Ekrem Demirtaş, 'anchor the ships in the open' was not accepted for security reasons. On the other hand, Alex Baltazzi, the owner of Karavan Turizm, who attended the meeting, announced that they could put the change of the trip days on the agenda. TCDD Ports Department Head Muhsin Yılmaz stated that investments continue for passenger and freight port in Alsancak Port and announced that they will bid for the new passenger port in the coming months. Stating that they are planning to hold the tender at the latest in June, Yılmaz said that the contract is expected to be signed by the end of the year and to start the new port investment. Yılmaz said, “With its new passenger port, İzmir will host the cruise ships more comfortably,” he said.

“We expect the new port to be built”
Alex Baltazzi, President of Aegean Travel Agencies Association and Caravan Tourism Owner, stated that they make sacrifices by changing their trips every year and said, “We do not want any problems in the port because there are too many ships. We expect the new passenger port to be built for a permanent solution. ”

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