Historical Silk Road becomes a Silk Silk Road

AK Party Foreign Affairs Deputy Chairman Omer Celik, the historic Silk Road "Iron Silk Road", saying that it will be revitalized, "with the railway London-Beijing historic Silk Road line will be connected and the majority of this road will pass through Turkey," he said.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to China next Foreign Affairs AK Party Deputy Chairman Omer Celik, Turkey's favor as a result of the positive steps made contact with the Chinese twitter account he shared with heşehri from discarded. Stating that the historical Silk Road will be revived, Çelik said, “The historical Silk Road will play a role again as the iron Silk Road. London-Beijing will be connected to each other over the historical Silk Road. By weight renovated center will contribute greatly to Turkey Turkey Silk Road. İpekyolu Kars-Tbilisi-Batumi railway will reach Beijing on the one hand and Europe under the Bosphorus on the other. ”

Steel, Chinese military ceremonial squad in front of the Turkish delegation to the Great Wall of China, said:

“Studies are starting to make the home of Kaşgarlı Mahmud, the monument of our beautiful Turkish, an effective cultural center. After visiting the technology centers, we came to the mosque visit and the market place. When we saw our delegation in the mosque, we performed the prayer with the people who experienced the fall. There is a connection of history and soul in tears. Our presence in Anatolia is like a sea where hundreds of rivers meet and hundreds of rivers feed. It is great to move towards the roots in every river. China 27 years after the first time in history, Urumqi is the first time a Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey was gone. It was an important visit at an important time. ”

Source: News FX

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