Summer schedule starts in Bursa tram

In the tram, which has been brought to Bursa by the Metropolitan Municipality and attracted great attention from the citizens since the first day it started to carry passengers, 30 is scheduled to start from April to Monday.

As a başlayan nostalgic kent urban accessory, the time of the tram changes into an important public transport with the extension of the line and the addition of new vehicles.
The tram, which uses an average of 5 thousand people per day, is scheduled according to the summer schedule as of April Monday; It will serve between 30 and 07.00 hours. According to this; The tram, which is used by citizens intensively, will operate between ÇNCAN and ÇINARONU between 23.00 and 07.00 hours in the morning and will operate on the Zafer - Çınarönü line from 10.00 to 10.00.
Safe, cheap and comfortable due to the intense interest of citizens in a short time the number of passengers of the tram is increasing day by day. With the introduction of the Kestel line in BursaRay, railway transportation will gain much more importance in urban transportation and the tram lines will be extended in the near future.

Source: Bursa

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