Rize Municipality Launches Work for Cable Car Project

rize cable car
rize cable car

Rize Mayor Halil Bakırcı said that they carried the cable car issue they had prepared with the project of the consignment to the agenda of the parliament and that they started the expropriation works after the adoption of the project.

Bakırcı stated that they made great efforts in order to bring the project to Rize. Since the project was discussed, we have completed the expropriation works of the 30 thousand 13 square meters area and paid 110 million 1 thousand lira to the beneficiaries. We are planning to pay a 967 million lira expropriation fee to the shareholders by doing the expropriation works of the remaining 17 thousand square meters. ” said.


He also gave information about the area where the project will be carried out and he said: dedi The project that we carried to the assembly was accepted there. The distance of the cable car line from the coast band to the Dağbaşı location (Şahin Tepe) will be 1608 meters and the elevation difference will be the 349.7 meter. According to the project, 9 is planned to be sewn for the line and the driver and the tensioner are planned to be built at the lower station. The average cost of the construction of the automatic cable car line project was calculated as 3 million 620 thousand euros. Travel time 5 can carry 29 people per hour to the cable car line projected as 600 seconds. Even 8 units will be placed in the 16 pieces of transport cabin 1 units. A few years ago, our Prime Minister Rize visited Rize during his visit and shared his photographs with the public and attracted a lot of attention. We will make those images live to our people. This will change the vision of our city and our people. We are committed to the ropeway and we will do it. T



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