Encouraging reading at rail system stops

Students participating in the "Smiling Faces" project carried out within the scope of the educational activities of the Metropolitan Municipality encourage citizens to read by reading books on the tramway and stops.

Smiling Faces Mithatpaşa Officer Oğuz Alkan, said that they do such an application to draw attention to the importance of reading books.
Stating that good activities have been carried out in the name of reading books in recent years, Oğuz Alkan said, “Reading books is no longer a hobby activity that fills up their free time and has come to a point where people devote their own private reading time. With the Gülen Faces project, we organize reading hours with our students in our own facilities. "We read books with our teachers, students and assistant staff during the reading hours."
Müge Avcı, a student of the Smiling Faces Mithatpaşa Branch, also participated in the project. kazanExpressing that they conveyed the habit of reading to their families, he stated that this situation strengthens the communication within the family.

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