Train Wreck in Ulukisla District of Nigde Has Very Bad

The freight train in the Ulukışla district of Niğde hit the Central Anatolian Blue Train waiting in the garage, and the 5 was injured in the 12.

The accident occurred at saAt 05.10 today. While the 11126 flight of the Arifiye-Adana expedition, the 'Central Anatolian Blue Train' was loading and unloading passengers at the Ulukışla Station, while the 24072 expedition freight train from Boğazköprü-Mersin hit the rear. 2 wagon and 7 personnel and 5 passengers in 12 passenger train were slightly injured in the accident. The wounded were treated with Ulukışla at the Niğde State Hospital.

The crisis center was established at the General Directorate of TCDD on the accident. A team formed by the Deputy Director General was transferred to the accident site.

TCDD kazanAccording to the first determinations, the freight train did not stop despite the order at the entrance to Ulukışla, and passed through the switch that was not open to him, and crashed into the passenger train from behind. A delegation under the Presidency of the 6th Regional Director of TCDD and the 'Accident Commission' was sent to Ulukışla. Ulukışla Public Prosecutor's Office conducted an investigation at the crash site.

The passengers of the Central Anatolia Blue Train, where the freight train struck from behind, were sent to Adana by another train.

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