Minibus leaves in Istanbul, 'havaray' with 20 thousand people is coming

Idris Naim Şahin, Minister of Internal Affairs, announced that minibuses will be converted into buses in line with arrangements to be made in Istanbul. Sahin said, de Minibus shopkeepers will not be victimized aray. Sahin, MHP Istanbul deputy Durmuşali Torlak's response to the question, the new arrangements for the integration of minibuses in the transportation system, he said. Sahin, the physical condition of the roads, the distance of the lines, taking into account the changing urban structure of buses will be gradually converted into buses announced. In the 20-3 Turkey for the city's transport-related issues "Transport Master Plan" that specifies the frame rail project that developed the Hawk, gave the following information:

Or Havaray projects are designed as sub-projects in the whole railway system. This system is thought to be in line with the travel demands of the transportation routes. The XIII can carry a thousand passengers in the same direction in an hour. Accordingly, project studies are carried out by taking into consideration the travel demands of various regions of Istanbul.

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