The realization of the metrobus annoyed Istanbulite

The commercial film of IETT, which was crammed by the metrobus, got a very harsh reaction from the citizens. While social media was destroyed by an empty metrobus, Kadir Topbaş showed his reaction.
The commercial, the event, has been taken down. The commercial, which starred actor Vatan Şaşmaz, showing empty buses, was reacting especially on social media.

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş told A Haber, who evaluated the reactions yesterday, “Of course, it is not as empty as it is shown in the advertisement. It is probably an advertisement shot in an empty metrobus. It could have been a little more intense. If they had shown me his script, I wouldn't have said it. I told them to prefer a little more busy hours. ” he said.

Making a statement later, İBB Press Consultant Ahmet Faruk Yanardağ announced that the advertisement was removed from the broadcast because Kadir Topbaş did not find it realistic.

Vatan Şaşmaz, the lead actor of the commercial, said that the episches were upset that the places were over the limit. Speaking to Cüneyt Özdemir at CNNTürk, Şaşmaz said that he had read many comments that he laughed, but the metrobus were empty during the day. Şaşmaz said, "It is very crowded only after work hours.

Stating that he did his job as an actress and never thought that the movie would be the subject of such a debate, Şaşmaz said, “They told me to play this, you are also playing, you do not have any other savings. Those who do this should think. But I want to say that it is a movie in good faith ”.


IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı said that they would review the commercials while participating in the program over the phone. Baraçlı emphasized that with the suggestion of Vatan Şaşmaz, new different commercial films could be made and their only aim was to develop the public transportation culture.


Vatan Şaşmaz, who plays in the advertisement, does not get into his private vehicle and travels comfortably by sitting on the "empty" metrobus without a push.

The comments written on social media, which have been shaken for two days about the commercial, are striking:

  • I liked the iett advertisement played by Vatan Şaşmaz as a surreal work, and I was amazed.
  • How good they are promoting in Vatan Şaşmaz's IETT Metrobus Advertisement.

  • We do not know if iett V Şaşmaz made an empty metrobus line in front of his house! The slogan of enjoying the metrobus is very good :)

  • I was not surprised that Vatan Şaşmaz was released on the empty metrobus (if he boarded at 05.30), but he saluted the IETT driver and got me shocked.

  • They “skipped” something in IETT's joke-like promotional video. The hostess came and asked the passenger, "What do you want your omelette?" she doesn't ask

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