Mersin Logistics Platform will train experts in the sector

Mersin Logistics Platform will train 40 people with Logistics and Foreign Trade Certificate Program in order to provide experts in logistics sector. Under the leadership of LODER, with the support of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the employment of the participants will be provided.

The introduction of the Logistics and Foreign Trade Certificate Program of the Mersin Logistics Platform was introduced with a press conference at the Mersin Chamber of Shipping (MDTO). Mersin Logistics Platform President and MDTO Vice Chairman Jozef Atat, Logistics Association President (LODER). Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, Mersin Logistics Platform Project Consultant Fevzi Filik, platform members and MDTO and Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) representatives attended.

During the meeting, Platform President Jozef Atat gave information about the Logistics and Foreign Trade Certificate Program and said that they had already applied 6 training and certificate program and they will do 7. Logistics and Foreign Trade Certificate Program will start at 15 May 2012, 12 weekend, 24 days, indicating that 84 will take hours Atat, logistics management, transportation and management during this time, warehouse management, supply chain management, forwarding and brokerage, external trade and personal development trainings will be given. 40 stated that they limited their training with 20 people, and added: X We will choose 20 from MDTO and MTSO members and 40 from the ones who are inclined to this sector. This 3 will elect a committee of businessmen. 40 will be the internship period after the training is over. We will support the 3 person who is participating in the training to do their XNUMX monthly internship at their own workplaces or at the establishments we know. Eğ


President of LODER Dr. Tanyaş told that they started training with a group of students with 60 from Akademi Logistics, and that 9 of 90 lasted for months. Following this very successful training, which was supported by MTSO, Prof.Dr. Dr. The Tanyaş, Logistics and Foreign Trade Certificate Program is a part of 40. education will be expressed.

Indicating that logistics is an area beyond transportation, Tanyaş said,, You need to do at least 7 activity alongside transport. Transport, storage, packaging and value-added services, customs inspection surveillance, expertise, insurance, stock management, order management, and the future of the world. The future of the world is going to get the whole service from a single point. Therefore, we provide integrated services. Companies that provide logistic services or companies that want to move from logistics to logistics should be able to provide this service in all aspects. That means expert. Therefore, it is important to train the expert. Our training program is a program to complete these aspects. We will complete this by internship training, we will do with the support of our companies, and then we will realize the employment event. Eğitim

Tanyaş also pointed out that 2 is the last training year. Olduğ Therefore, the need of the sector is increasing. New developments are taking place and experts are absolutely needed. Everything happens with people, our most important source is human. Therefore, we have to bring people to this sector, our region. These certificate programs will be passed as a program. Bu


Project Consultant Fevzi Filik gave information about the new projects they will undertake. Stating that 2012 is a fertile year for themselves, Filik stated that as the platform, 2 will implement the new project. Turkey, indicating for the first time Supply Chain Accredited Testing and R & D Center with the name of all the tests of the manufacturing industry under the packaging and will establish an accredited laboratory to do tests for the packaging industry Filik, he noted to perform reverse engineering practice at the center.

In the 31 7 countries in a project that Turkey's war. Filik, which is a continuation of RIS Mersin, said that this project means the transfer of financial resources to support the clusters. Un 1,5 received a consortium of 250 from different consortiums, un said Filik, who provided information about the 6 thousand Euro of a total budget of 31 million Euros for one of the 7 partners. Mersin Logistics Platform in Turkey was represented by it. Our partners are logistics companies from Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. 2012-2013 will host two international logistics conferences in Mersin. This will be a first in Turkey. In addition, 2012-2013 will be made by means of a bilateral interview platform with the participation of businessmen. Other than that, with international participation for the first time in Turkey will organize workshops to the boss of the boss of Turkish companies with foreign companies. This will increase the number of bilateral relations and trade relations, Bu he said.

Filik, who gave the good news that a province would be a member of Mersin's European Logistics Centers cluster for the first time, said: in This is very important. This is a post which is a logistic center in Mersin, which we prove to be the logistics base in Europe, and in Brussels by official documents. Therefore, at the end of the 3 project, Mersin will officially take part in the Logistics Center Room Association established by the logistics centers in Europe.

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