Who awaits Marmaray's wagons?

The Marmaray line was finalized. The wagons are ready, but the line is not going in parallel with the renovation work.
The work on the line that will be closed at the stage stage has not started yet, but the wagons are ready to serve on that line.

"When will the suburban lines that will complete Marmaray be renewed?" An answer to the question was searched.

Istanbulites will cross the Bosphorus on the rails 1.5 years later. This means that 76.3 km of the 13.5 km Marmaray line will be completed in 1.5 years. In order to travel across Istanbul, it is necessary to renew the suburban lines.

After the improvement, the existing suburban line will increase from 2 to 3. It will be allocated to 2-line metro vehicles and one to high-speed trains that will serve intercity. And on those lines, traffic will operate in both directions.

Existing suburban lines will be canceled for these works. Haydarpaşa flights of intercity trains have already been removed.
Only a suburban expedition is made to Haydarpaşa. Those expeditions will also be removed gradually.

The 1.5 wagon is already ready, even though the line will be opened after 260 year! They don't work, but they're waiting for the day they work.

These wagons will carry 75 a thousand people in one direction. And during that journey, passengers will also witness the thousands of years of history of the city.

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