Most of the rails were laid in Marmaray

A large part of the rails that provide the passage of the High Speed ​​Trains from the Marmaray line, which is shown as the most important project of the Republic, has been installed.
Turkey Marmaray rail study will form the backbone of the system we have examined over as News 7. Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara was accompanied by information from the authorities about the last stage of the construction.
After the reunification of the tunnels in the project of the century connecting Europe and Asia, the rail laying process in the 76 kilometer section of the 13,5 kilometer line between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme which is underground is also in the final phase.
29 OCTOBER 2013

The 60 October 90 will be celebrated as the 29 anniversary of the Republic will be celebrated, as is known.
18 months before this goal to work with each passing day is accelerating. The turnover of the 27 kilometer is carried out while the rails are being laid and the concrete is being poured. After the millimetric adjustment of the tracks, test drives will be started at the Haydarpaşa Train Station.
Besides the installation of the rails, the construction of the ventilation system, fire alarms, lighting, stationary decoration of the station and transportation ladders, which are called yapım fine work inin of the giant construction, have been completed and a part is completed.

Source: News 7


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