Marmaray, a project connecting Beijing to London

Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış pointed out to the Metrobus and Marmaray projects and explained that Marmaray is a very important project connecting Beijing to London and also in urban transportation.

Stating that Metrobus carried 3 million passengers in Istanbul, Bagis stated that 80 thousand vehicles were withdrawn from traffic thanks to the metrobus.

Stating that Istanbul has always attached importance to public transportation, Bagis said that IETT has been serving for many years.

Minister Bağış said, “IETT has a very different function in this country. Many of our leader İETT history has played a very important role in changing the destiny of Turkey. One of them is Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He is also a former IETT employee ”.

Explaining that Prime Minister Erdogan held different positions at IETT between 1974 and 1981, Bagis noted that Erdogan had different experiences in IETT.

Minister Bagis said, "Turkey today in the light of the experience he is spearheading to be one of Europe's fastest growing economies. He experiences within the framework of today's western eastern Turkey, in peace as the most eastern country western, it is spearheading the efforts to avoid war. Human rights in our country today eastern Turkey, freedom of expression, a country that takes inspiration in terms of democracy and transparency. "It is a country that the Western countries see as a source of inspiration for our economic growth rates, investments, projects and our young population."


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