Marmaray flesh bones

Turkey's bone to imagine that over 150 years of the Ottoman Empire reached the end of the Marmaray büründü.rayl form the backbone of our system.
A large part of the rails that provide the passage of the High Speed ​​Trains from the Marmaray line, which is shown as the most important project of the Republic, has been installed.

Turkey Marmaray rail study will form the backbone of the system we have examined over as News 7. Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara was accompanied by information from the authorities about the last stage of the construction.

After the reunification of the tunnels in the project of the century connecting Europe and Asia, the rail laying process in the 76 kilometer section of the 13,5 kilometer line between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme which is underground is also in the final phase.

29 OCTOBER 2013

The 60 October 90 will be celebrated as the 29 anniversary of the Republic will be celebrated, as is known.

18 months before this goal to work with each passing day is accelerating. The turnover of the 27 kilometer is carried out while the rails are being laid and the concrete is being poured. After the millimetric adjustment of the tracks, test drives will be started at the Haydarpaşa Train Station.


Besides the installation of the rails, the construction of the ventilation system, fire alarms, lighting, stationary decoration of the station and transportation ladders, which are called yapım fine work inin of the giant construction, have been completed and a part is completed.


Within the scope of the Marmaray Project, there will be 40 stations on the Asian and European sides. 75 thousand passengers per hour will be transported in one direction, and the train will be able to move every 2 minutes. When the project is completed, the distance between Üsküdar and Sirkeci will be reduced to only 4 minutes, 12 minutes from Söğütlüçeşme to Yenikapı, 37 minutes from Bostancı to Bakırköy, HalkalıWill be reached in 105 minutes. Currently, the 8 percent share of the rail system in Istanbul will increase to 28 percent when Marmaray is completed. Passenger during the day and freight trains at night, Marmaray, when it enters service 19 months later, will be able to land in Germany or France with the rail system to be integrated with Europe. He will be able to cross the Channel tunnel and go to London.


"It is an intercontinental project that connects Europe and Asia, it is a world project," said Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He also makes door-to-door visits to the construction of Marmaray. Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara, who said that Prime Minister Erdogan, who followed the works in Marmaray, whose construction started in 2004 and the work in Marmaray started in 2008, came to the construction without notifying anyone from time to time, said: doing. We do not know anything about it, he comes and makes investigations without informing anyone ”. Last year, Erdoğan celebrated his 58th birthday by cutting a cake in the Marmaray tunnel, 48 meters below the ground, with a surprise made to him.


News about the work in Marmaray News 7'ye Mustafa Kara, with the start of construction draws attention to the serious problems of Üsküdar craftsmen, 29 October 2013 said they now expect the date. After ending Marmaray project in Istanbul in Turkey and around the people stating they could come visit Üsküdar district resembles an open air museum of the Army, he said it should be a little more patient artisan of Uskudar.

Kara gave the following information about the studies.

NO Fatal Occupational Accidents

Another striking piece of information about Marmaray is the construction that has been continuing for 8 years with an average of 500 workers per month. kazannot forming. In the Marmaray construction, where 20 engineers who are experts in the field of occupational safety and health, work and work safety is kept at the highest level.


Marmaray is currently one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the world, main structures and systems, immersed tube tunnels, drilling tunnels, open-close tunnels, level structures, 3 new underground station, 36 above ground station, operation control center, sites, workshops, maintenance facilities, including upgrading of existing lines, completely new electrical and mechanical systems and modern railway vehicles to be supplied, including a new third line to be built above ground.

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