Terrible Cable Car Crash

Rize by Trabzon to the side of the cable car trying to cross the cable car on the reversal of the ravine fell into the stream, hanging in the cable car was recovered as a result of the work done.

According to information obtained, father Ali Vapurcu (46), together with his son, Ahmet Vapurcu 11 last night at the time of 23.30 ropeway Iydere Creek to cross the road to Iyidere district of Rize Kalecik district came.
From here, the father and his son ride from the cable car to Trabzon district Of Pınaraltı trying to reach the cable car, the cable car turned upside down on the Iidere Stream at a time. Baba Ali Vapurcu disappeared by falling into the stream, his son Ahmet hung over the cable car was hanged.

The citizens of the surrounding area heard the children's cries for help and informed the gendarmerie. Tuncay Sonel of the Governor went to the region and personally directed the works. At the time of the night, Ahmet Vapurcu was taken to the State Hospital.

The search for the father Ali Vapurcu lasted until the morning, a result could not be obtained. In the morning, the Coast Guard and Marine Police started the search work on the area where Iyidere is pouring into the sea, while the work continues in the stream.

On the other hand, Ahmet Vapurcu'nun warned his father not to use the ropeway, but it was learned that the father did not listen.

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