'New tram' and Metrobus' description to Konya

Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Haşmet Okur stated that in the 2012 year investment plans, the railway system and trams in Konya were renewed.

The first meeting of the Provincial Coordination Committee of the 2012 in April was held in the Konya Provincial Assembly building under the chairmanship of the Governor Aydın Nezih Doğan. Representatives of all public institutions and organizations in Konya participated in the meeting.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Governor Aydın Nezih Doğan announced the general conclusion of his investments in 2012. Stating that the number of establishments investing in Konya is 49, Governor Doğan said, “The number of projects is 328 thousand, the total project cost is 7 billion 217 million TL, the appropriation for 2012 is 1 billion 323 million TL, the end-period expenditure is 101 million 831 thousand TL, the cash realization rate. is 78 percent. "The number of completed projects is 41, the number of ongoing projects is 519, the number of projects in the tender phase is 112, and the number of projects that have not been started is 656," he said. He stated that due to the harsh winter season, the destruction rate of the roads on the roads is higher, the occupancy rate in dams and lakes is approaching 100 percent, and evacuations are made in many dams and lakes.


The Governor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Haşmet Okur, who came to the stage after the Governor Aydın Nezih Doğan, gave information about the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality of 2012. He stated that the first period of 2012 investment year in Konya Metropolitan Municipality passed more tenders by saying ti 355 of 10 million TL has been realized in the first period of the year. During this period, the construction of the Science Center continues. The tender for the stadium and the Bedesten is over, the delivery of the place will be done as soon as possible. The historic city square will be auctioned in a few months. In addition, 600 thousand tons of hot asphalt targets during this period, Ayrıca he said.

Haşmet Okur pointed out that one of the biggest investments to be made within the scope of the 2012 investment plan is the improvement of the rail system and said in We have recently announced that it will install an air conditioning system on the trams. This does not mean that the new trams will be delayed in Konya. Additional rail system will be built this year. In the year of 2012 modern tram will be purchased. In addition, the procurement of 20 metrobuses will be held in the coming days. There is no shortage of grants, Öd he said.


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