Gospel of metrobus and tram to Konya

At the opening of Konya Provincial Coordination Board Meeting, Governor Aydın Nezih Doğan stated that 2012 projects were completed in 41 and that 519 of them are still working; He stated that 112 projects are at the tender stage. Noting that 656 projects were not initiated due to seasonal conditions, Doğan said, “The total investment amount is seen as 7 billion 217 million TL. The initial allowance for 2012 is 1 billion 323 million liras. However, we expect that this will increase a little more with the future allowances within the year ”.


Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Haşmet Okur said, için Konya Science Center is under construction, and the stadium complex will be delivered to the contractor within a few days. Büyük Bedesten and the historical city center improvement project, the tender is done, indicating that the next week will be delivered to the location Okur, the project aims to complete the major part of the first season, he said.

12-18 NEW TRAM

Okur, who also gave information about the rail system works, said, “Having air conditioning system installed on existing trams does not mean that the purchase of new trams will be delayed. We are rapidly preparing the new tram purchase tender. However, after the tender, we have to wait for the delivery period of approximately 12-18 months that the factory will give us ”.


Okur, who explains the other works related to urban transportation, announced that the procurement of 20 pieces of metrobus will be made in the coming days and that some lines of BRT will start this year. Haşmet Okur stated that the historical city square and Alaeddin Street and Mevlana Tomb, which will be realized in the area where the former courthouse is located, will be tendered for the landscaping works in the coming days.

Selçuk University Vice-Chancellor of the University of Selçuk stated that the study area and classrooms problem will be solved in the meeting. Dr. Mustafa Sahin, the delivery of the location for the cultural center project, he said. Sahin, the university has a project to solve the security problem, he said. Later, Mehmet Kaçmaz, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration of Konya, took the floor and gave information about investment plans and appropriations.

Source: Memleket

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