Konya Tramways Safe for University Graduates

Konya Tram
Konya Tram

Trams that take the transportation load of Konya are entrusted to university graduates. Alaeddin and Selcuk University campus between approximately 20 km.lik even on the 60 tram, 129 patrol is on duty. 24 129 vatman university graduate from 61 homeland of passenger transport. 2004 61 associate degree, 41 associate degree, 20 undergraduate degree

The main point of the city transportation is the trams, while the citizens who use the trams are university graduates. In this way, it is aimed to establish healthy relations between the passengers. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department within the number of homeland 129 41 pre-graduate, the 20 is a bachelor's degree. The Metropolitan Municipality has received at least two graduate graduates since 2004. The aim of the patriots is to prevent the problems experienced by the application, which is intended to respond more easily to the wishes of the citizens.


Citizens of the level of education is a pleasing situation, citizens say, this situation is a development worthy of Konya, he said. Citizens, who recalled many unpleasant incidents during the tram ride, said, ın We hope that these unpleasant, undesirable incidents are also passed. We are delighted to be conscious of the homeland where we deliver our lives. Here, we do not mean that we do not like the disparities of non-university graduates. We only hope that people will be able to meet each other more comfortably and comprehensively as the level of education increases. Our wish is that we remember that the inhabitants are calm and carry human life during our journey. Biz

Ministry of National Education

Various studies and projects were started to be done in order to prevent people from different professions from working in different professions. One of these projects belongs to the Ministry of National Education. According to the National Teacher Strategy Paper and Action Plan, teachers will be tested 5 once a year in order to be able to prevent teacher excess and to ensure teacher quality.

Source: Memleket

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