A Suggestion to Konya Metropolitan Municipality

Not to give reason, just to hear a suggestion, to listen.

The Provincial Public Library in front of the site is destroyed.

We don't know what to do, but our suggestion will be reasonable, a bit nostalgic: on the Istiklal Street as in the tram in Istanbul.

You know the history of the tram in Konya.

Let's remind the unknown briefly:

One of the new achievements of the tram, which surrounds the Alaaddin Hill, is the 360.

But interestingly, the story begins in 1906 tram in Konya.

The governor of the province of Konya to the governor of the state of the state of Tanzimat. emrimdir.'23 February 1313 lar The story begins with the introduction of the horse-drawn tram from Thessaloniki, which is one of the reformist actions of the Ferid Pasha of Austria, who was appointed as the Konya Governor.

After recalling the history of Konya's acquaintance with the tram, let us remember that the tram, which was brought from Germany today, started the need for renewal on the days when more opposition came.

What was said.

But in fact, the tram in Konya, a lot of distress can be seen as a contribution to a view that stands before us.

Ahmet Öksüz, the Mayor of Konya Municipality, met the days of the Anavatan Party.

But Konya and Konyalı horseback seen on Tram years ago.

From the station to the place where the Atatürk Monument was located, in front of the Gazi High School, the Attorney Kosti's Mansion, where the Beykonağı Hookah Hall was located, was reached in front of the Arapoğlu Makinda today.

Here, the horse-changing tram changed the direction of the trolley and a journey to Sultan Selim or the other known name of the tomb, reaching the horseback tram 1930'a carried passengers and cargo.

Now let's ask:

Within the Cultural Valley Project, we recommend that the horse-drawn tram can be launched again in Istanbul as nostalgic.

As for our question:

What happened to the Whirling Dervish figure, which was outside of the collapsed Public Library and which attracted attention when we came to the exhibition held for the Cyprus Martyrs?

If this work has been removed from where it was to be exhibited somewhere else, if it is not my executives, I expect to pursue this work. With hi ..

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