High-speed trains, which make flights between Konya and Ankara, will stop for a while.

2006 was launched in 23 and 2011 was put into service at 8 August 8. 16 passengers can be transported at a time in the high-speed train service which runs 419 on a daily basis between Konya and Ankara. Although the speed of 309 kilometers / 300 kilometers / hour speed can be done, even though the speed of the intervening process was not reached. Especially in the harsh winter months, the high speed train line has been damaged and serious care is inevitable. Due to the shortage of infrastructure in the Konya-Ankara YHT line, which is planned to be the 1 hour 15 hour, the voyage time is up to 2 hour 25 time. During heavy snowfall, the voyages will be seriously neglected during the summer, and the line will be taken care of.

According to the authorities, YHT 's lack of service to be put into service, is currently the biggest cause of the problems seen as shown. While the repair of the railway became definite due to the collapse of some parts of the railway, the repair period was not yet clear due to the fact that the construction date and the ground structure were not known.

Source: Memleket



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