Kocaeli Municipality Municipality is waiting for Ankara's permission for urban transportation project

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is in search of new urban transportation. The rail system has been thought for a long time. The Metropolitan administration has developed a smart project. As it is known, the railway line passing through our province is being renewed and it is being prepared for the High Junk Train. The Metropolitan Municipality wants to make a third line next to the two-line railway to be built for YHT. Between Gebze and Köseköy, this special line will even operate the Metropolitan Municipality commuter train.

A very important project for public transportation in Kocaeli. Metropolitan officials are waiting for the permission of Ankara's Ministry of Transport for this project.

Local government and AKP members, general government. There should be no problem with this permission and approval. If the metropolitan administrators are sincere, they can go over this and convince the Prime Minister and the Minister. If a city rail line is laid between Gebze-Köseköy and Metropolitan Municipality operates suburban trains on this line, the transportation problem in Kocaeli is largely relieved. The load of the D-100 decreases. Every day, between Izmit-Derince, Izmit-Yarimca, Izmit-Hereke, Izmit-Gebze, commute between this commuter train and home and work. This transportation will be economical for people and lucrative for Metropolitan.

Source : http://www.ozgurkocaeli.com.tr



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