Kadıköy-Kartal metro line is planned to be connected to Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Defined as the “public transport backbone” of the Anatolian side of Istanbul Kadıköy- There is a feverish work right now on the Kartal metro line. According to the news of Taraf, on the metro line consisting of 16 stations, trial runs are made with 72 wagons at any time of the day. If the project is close to completion, the number of wagons will increase to 144. Taraf team to closely monitor the work on the metro line, which is planned to be completed in July, Kadıköy He made observations at the station.


The last stop of the subway KadıköyWhen we go down the escalators in Istanbul, we are greeted by walls decorated with magnificent engravings of Istanbul. After passing the ticket offices, we go down the precisely covered escalators so that they do not get dirty. In the empty subway corridors, the train sounds coming with the cold breeze reach our ears first… When we come to the subway platforms, we notice the wagons that are ready to make a trial flight filled with sandbags.

Works end in a month Muhammet Yılmaz, one of the station's engineers, said that the trial runs are made for 12 hours every day along the entire line, and that these drives will be extended to 24 hours in the coming days. Yılmaz said, “The work we have done on this line has reached the end point. Trial drives are carried out by trains with sandbags inside. Here, passenger weights will be calculated and test drives will be completed. Outdoor arrangements of 16 stations end in a month. In addition, efforts are continuing to extend the line to Kaynarca. ” Citizens with disabilities have not been forgotten on the line, which is planned to carry one million 260 thousand passengers a day.

Special plates will be set up For the disabled to travel comfortably from the bus stops, and the inside of the station will have relief lines. For the visually handicapped, special plates will be placed on the stair railings indicating the direction of travel. Also for wheelchairs, there will be special areas in the train.

It extends to Kaynarca After the decision to extend the Metro line to Kaynarca, work continues on this line. 85 percent of excavations at Yakacık, Pendik and Kaynarca stations have been completed. This line is planned to be connected to Sabiha Gökçen Airport by transfer. With the end of the study, a connection will be established between the two major airports of Istanbul.


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