İZBAN brought abundance to Menemen market

Thanks to the Cumaovası – Aliağa İZBAN line, the interest in the Menemen market is increasing day by day. The market, which was set up on Thursday, appeals to the people of Izmir with its fresh products and cheapness. kazanoutside
After the implementation of the “Organic Agriculture and Good Agricultural Practices” project initiated by the Menemen Municipality last year, the demand for the Menemen market has increased. The fact that the market is open on Thursdays is cheap, organic and especially the freshness of the vegetables, fruits and herbs, plays an important role in the increasing interest.
After the implementation of İZBAN, Hatay, Altındağ and KarşıyakaLadies from Istanbul come to Menemen by getting on İZBAN in the early hours of the morning. People of İzmir, who do their shopping here in 30-40 minutes, then return to İZBAN by bus and go to their homes. They pay only 90 lira and 1 cents for this journey they make in 75 minutes. On the other hand, they are happy to buy fresh daily vegetables, fruits and herbs from the market for cheap. Both the marketer kazanhe's eating. Women also contribute to the family budget.

Source : www.yeniasir.com.t is

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