State Monopoly in High Speed ​​Train in Italy Ends

In Italy, the first private sector high-speed trains, which are aimed to be removed from the state monopoly and increase competition, were introduced to the press. "On this occasion, we have provided thousands of jobs in Italy, which is in crisis," said the new rail company NTV's President Montezzemolo.

Turkey also large investments perform the energy and transport sectors French Alstom's leading companies in the new Italian rail operator Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV) because it produces the country's first private high-speed 25 train begins its voyage on April 28. In the first place, the first of AGV type and 'Italo' trains, which will reach cities such as Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan and Bologna, were introduced with a special press organized between Rome and Naples. While it is capable of reaching up to 360 kilometers per hour, it is targeted to carry 300 million passengers a year by trains that are allowed to reach only 460 kilometers in accordance with the rules in the country and have a capacity of carrying 9 passengers at a time.


Also respected by Ferrari, including Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, prestigious businessmen such as Gianni Punzo, Diego Della Valle, Alberto Bombassei and Giuseppe Sciarrone, and organizations such as Banca Intesa San Paolo, Genarali Financial Holdings Fcp-Fis, French state railways SNCF. Founded with the participation of NTV, it has competed with Trenitalia, a state-owned company in railway transportation, thanks to its affordable alternatives and advantages in comfort. On the other hand, all kinds of comfort, from wireless internet to cinema pleasure, have been considered in these trains, which have the characteristics of being 70 tons lighter than trains with the same features.


NTV President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who was on the train during the private expedition, answered the questions of the press members at a speed of 300 kilometers. Stating that the cost of a single train set reached 25 million Euros, Montezemolo stated that they aim to seize 2015 percent of the high speed train network in Italy by 20, and said:

“On this occasion, we have provided thousands of jobs. We have a very young team. 4 years ago, while there was nothing, we took a risk in a crisis environment and started with a budget of 1 billion Euros. ”

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