Dutch Top Managers Special Train Schedules

With the cooperation of TCDD-Netherlands Higher Education Institute (NİHA), two separate private train stations were put on the Kayseri-Ankara and Ankara-Arifiye tracks for the Dutch senior executives.

In a written statement made by TCDD Press and Public Relations Consultancy, it was stated that the first private trains will depart from Kayseri on April 18 at 13.06 and will be in Ankara at 20.25 on the same day.

The second special train moving at 19 in Ankara from April 23.30, said on April 20th hour is expressed to be at 6.15 Arifiye, NİHA by Turkey-Netherlands relations 400 years covered by the new travel program with special trains Recorded waiting to be edited.

Source : I www.haberler.co



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