Domestic transportation and logistics center will be established in Ankara in the next year.

Di Do not fit in Şaşmaz'a Merkezi said the good news to the truckers of the Domestic Shipping Jolistik Center Chairman of the Board of Ankara Ismet Beyazkılıç'dan came. Beyazkılıç, announced the establishment of a domestic transportation and logistics center in Kazan.
ANKARA After Hurriyet brought the problems experienced by the truckers in Şaşmaz with the headline acak Suggestion from the transporter ıları, the formula to eliminate the pollution in Şaşmaz and clear the urban traffic was determined.

İsmet Beyazkılıç, Chairman of the Board of Ankara Domestic Shipping Jolistik Center, said that they have established a k domestic transportation and logistics center'n for the transporters in Şaşmaz in the Ankara Logistics Base within the boundaries of Kazan district. Total 70 thousand square meters in the first place over the 4 thousand trucks in extremely modern conditions and can do the input-output expressing that the company 260 can carry out activities, said: ilk We have already done here for Şaşmaz. So Şaşmaz's solution is ready. We will be presenting our domestic section to the service of the Capital by the end of May. Sonunda

The infallible environment is over

Security problem and unregistered transport in the Nakliyeciler Site located in Şaşmaz, said Beyazkılıç, continued:

Insanlar Our truckers have been alone and forlorn for years. This project will rescue truckers from misery. Today, in Shasmaz, transporters, citizens and other tradesmen are troubled by the distress and image pollution caused by the large number of trucks. We developed this project because these areas have already unbecoming to Turkey's capital. Now there are logistic villages all over the world, the environment is unbreakable.

There will be no trucks in Kent

With the transport companies in Şaşmaz going to the logistics village outside the city, there will be no trucks in the capital. Another aim is to eliminate unregistered employees or institutions. For this purpose, the ile Domestic transportation and logistics center ğı entries can be checked for complete information such as stolen truck. Stolen trucks will disappear with this inspection. No company with no tax registration will not be able to operate in the capital city. So before the project with the capital, then the transport companies and truckers brothers will rest. Proj

Railway connection to Logistics Base

Ankara Logistics Base, which has only highway connections, will be connected with the railway in the coming years. Ankara Governorate and Metropolitan Municipality also expressed support to the Logistics Base Ankara Domestic Shipping Jolistik Center Chairman İsmet Beyazkılıç said, Bel So far, the company forwarded to 150. 2 is aiming to provide employment for nearly one thousand people. We have already prepared alternative projects against expansion and growth. In case of need, we will implement our second stage projects urgently. İhtiyaç

Şaşmaz decision of the Metropolitan

Metropolitan Municipality, MHPli Group Deputy Chairman Hamiz Yavuz after the proposal, Şaşmaz Auto Industry Site trucks and trucks in the TIR'ların decided to be taken out of the city. The decision included the following statements: lar It is a fact that trucks and TIR parks, which are located in the irregularly irresistible Auto Industry, will negatively affect the traffic on this road and will not even allow traffic flow. For this reason, it was unanimously accepted that the trucks and TIR parks were removed from Şaşmaz Auto Industry and deployed at appropriate locations outside of the city until the Şaşmaz Auto Industry Road was put into service.

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