Yaman'dan tough words about TÜVASAŞ

Cemal Yaman, the chairman of the Demiryol-İş union branch, who was a guest of a radio program, made important statements about TÜVASAŞ and lashed out at the politicians. Here are the descriptions of Cemal Yaman on the radio program:
Iyor Headquarters has been operating in Adapazarı since 1952. 350 bin has an area of ​​m2. 200 m2 is located on the area of ​​the lodgings. So the total 550 bin m2 continues to operate in the field. Where Tüvasaş came from and which numbers came from which numbers should be examined.
”The factory doesn't have to worry about growing up“
Var It is as if politicians want to enlarge the factory and we are uncomfortable with it. There is no such thing Yok
The number of workers in this factory fell to 750. The 1500 worker also works here. The factory doesn't have to worry about growing up. There is a shortage of staff Personel
”If you do good, get workers“
Sakarya lawmakers want to do good to Adapazari Tüvasaş move. The biggest problem of this factory is not the job, not the physical space, but the decrease in the number of workers iş 40 is retiring every year. 400 people remain if they go. If they want to grow this factory, then they will get the workers here. There is no other way Başka
Both workers should be taken and 24 sets should be made from the State Materials Office sets. Bulgaria's wagons are not enough. Many programs are being produced. In an environment where the programs do not keep the move of the factory to bring the agenda is very lustful.
“Let's go live“
Sakarya deputies, if they want this factory to be moved too, let them come to the public in a TV program, live broadcast. Let us invite them to the live broadcast, let them ask the interested ones, let them talk on our faces. Let them know whether they want to move, or not, and we should know.
”Troubles stay on the agenda“
100 billion dollars were spent to build this factory after the earthquake. These coins are public money. We don't want to be responsible for damaging the state's property, but now it's being researched. Those who want to carry Tüvasaş should explain to the public what their problems are. Let them explain the reasons and we will explain our reasons. There is no consultation. There are no significant reasons, they say to stay on the agenda için to heat up the subject and put them in front of us. Folk got tired of the Tüvasaş issue. Now take care of employment. They want to close down and get points. This does not benefit anyone.
”I walk with a thousand people, not with 30 people“
The Minister of Transport and TCDD is not positive. I don't understand what's happening to SATSO '
Turkish Transportation You and the Turkish Bureau Sen, the 2 civil servant union, are shouting, memur We will march to Ankara, Türk he says. If the resort is a walk they will walk with 30 people, not with people like 1000. Not a resort to walk, break or pour.
Ları Did you think about contractors and subcontractors? “
Lawmakers, Tüvasaş'ı want to perpetuate or to sink, let him explain. There are no deputies to consider contractors and subcontractors.
There are 2 companies in Pamukova. 2 made the new factory. Let them come first, remove the graveyards. In the 2000 years, the decision for destruction was taken. Aziz Duran did not apply. There is an ugly image.
“I'm not a traitor”
Eurotem officials came to me. They don't have a problem with going to Ferizli. Ferizli of course, the land of the country ... But deputy Ayhan Sefer Üstün or Hasan Ali Steel said that we would like to move the factory to Ferizli for that, and we should know that the justification is a justification or not? I'm not a traitor. I love Ferizli.
"Is it up to you to steer them?"
The demonstration of civil servants unions does not benefit. Getting a contractor to Ferizli doesn't work. Ayhan Sefer Is the superior contractor or the people's deputy? Is it up to you to direct contractors and subcontractors? Müt

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